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Thanks for listening to the show and checking out LetsMakeApps.io! I had a blast talking with Brennan about how personal finances are affected by freelance (and vice versa!), and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

As I mentioned on the show, I’ve been freelancing for more than eight years, and for the last few years I’ve consistently earned more than $250k per year in net profit as a solo consultant. I’ve put together a few things for Business of Freelance listeners to help you on your way to doing the same.

My First Million From Freelance

Looking back over the last eight years of consulting, there are a few common themes that I believe have made the difference for me in building a healthy six-figure business. I’ve put together a guide that goes into detail about the most valuable lessons I’ve learned.

30% Lifetime Discount on LetsMakeApps.io Pro Plans

One of the biggest things I see freelancers struggling with is finding leads for good freelance projects. In the long run, the best way to do this is to build a network, reputation, and audience around your work, and field lots of high-quality inbound leads. However, that takes time, and you have bills to pay in the meantime.

I started LetsMakeApps.io to help freelance developers and designers find and close more high-quality leads. Every day, we scour the internet and hand-pick the best 50-60 freelance gigs for web & mobile designers and developers.

As a thanks for being a listener, I’m offering a 30% lifetime discount on LMA Pro Plans to all Business of Freelance listeners.

These are quality leads, guys. Over the years, I’ve done dozens of projects above $10k (and a few into six figures) that were sourced from the same places we source LMA leads from. You absolutely don’t want to miss this.

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Again, thanks so much for listening and checking out my stuff. I love talking about freelance and helping others win big at it, so don’t hesitate to email me with any questions!

Take Control of Your Freelance Business!